At Molly Catherine Designs, we believe it is important to rise to the challenge of having the lowest environmental impact possible. 

We do not use any single-use plastic in any stage of our business.


Our Packaging is 100% recyclable:

Our postal envelopes are made entirely of recycled paper fibers and our packing shreds are always re-used from other parcels and would have otherwise only been used once before being recycled. The tape we use on our postal boxes is made of recycled kraft paper and is recyclable and solvent-free. A high volume of cardboard boxes that get put in recycling facilities are not actually recycled due to having plastic tape on them.

Some of our products such as our list pads will arrive with extra protection inside clear bags due to not having covers. These bags may look plastic but they are made from bio-based materials (PLA polylactic acid from NatureWorks) and are biodegradable.



We write a personalised thank you note to each of our customers because we are hugely grateful for every order we get to create for you. We are currently using postcard prints to minimize waste and to give you a funky freebie with your order!

Our business cards are printed on recycled paper and for extra MCD brownie points we encourage you to pass them on to someone who you think may find joy in what we do if you do not want to keep it.

Our logo stamp is made from environmentally sourced oak and natural eco rubber (100% vegan). A tree was planted from our purchase and the supplier uses plastic free packaging too. When our ink pad is used up, we can simply purchase a refill rather than an entirely new product.



As Molly Catherine Designs enters our second year, we are committed to making more of our products out of recycled materials. Currently, all of our list pads and planner pads are made from recycled paper. Each tonne of recycled paper saves 380 gallons of oil, 7000 gallons of water, and uses 60% less energy to manufacture compared to standard paper.